The Olive BRANCH Clinic is a Health Management organization that has delivered first-class health interventions and initiatives since 2005 across Nigeria. Our managed care schemes are provided with outstanding excellence.

We offer various comprehensive healthcare services meeting the ever-changing and complex needs of our client-base.

We work closely with first class hospitals and associated medical and paramedical concerns countrywide.

We have collaborative contracts with various cutting edge laboratories, advanced imaging (whole body and intracavitary) centers, affiliate clinics and hospitals in our public sector programme.

Our care-coordinators proactively interface with our clients and care givers to ensure that evidence based optimal care is given and received. They also ensure two key ingredients that make your experience with us unique.


1. Immediate Access to Treatment and attention

Our patients are our first priority! OLIVE BRANCH patients never have to wait on any extensive waiting lists, preventing uneasiness and additional health risks. Since we plan every patient’s treatment or investigations individually, we dedicate our efforts to ensure that they receive the highest quality treatment at the earliest possible opportunity.


2. Personalized Assistance and Support

Our patients are never alone – each patient has their peace of mind assured by a personal medical associate who accompanies him/her throughout the each step of their stay. The personal medical associate organizes even the most specific details to ensure, that the patient feels at home.

Dr. Ikenna Emeka and the Olive Branch team will like you to become acquainted with our entrenched practice philosophy (totally patient centric), our amiable and friendly staff and our objective to ensure your walk through the challenges of subfertility is speedy.

We will continually also provide easily understandable information regarding infertility which we hope, will answer the majority of questions that you may have.


You are welcome to call or send a mail directly via:- info@olivebranchhm.com or phone at +234-8032011536.
Please check out our FAQ section for any questions you may have about IVF, our clinic or Infertility in general.

Also check out and download different PDF resources on IVF from our Resources page.