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The Olive Branch Clinic

The OLIVE BRANCH clinic is arguably one of the best IVF clinics in Nigeria today. With unparalleled attention to detail and safety plus individualized evidence-based care being the minimum offered to all clients. At Olive Branch, we are committed to providing you, the patient, with an empathetic and caring environment. We maintain a strong association with experts in other related specialities, enabling ut to provide unparalleled individualized services..

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Our Features

Qualified Professionals

There is a combination of our qualified IVF Professionals (with regular international trainings) and the latest IVF equipment.


We provide various accommodation option to minimize travel and accommodation stress during your treatment.

Quick Visits

With well-organized and safe patients’ record system, we ensure that there are no long wait time during visits.

Privacy & Confidentiality

The privacy and dignity of patients at all times during their experience is a priority to us. Discreet entrance into the facility is also available.

Our Services

At Olive Branch Clinic, we provide a range of full range of services including: Ovulation Induction IUI Donor Insemination IVF ICSI Embryo Freezing

Meet Our Team

We are here to work & stand with you.

We have a dedicated team of medical experts, embryologists, nurses and administration who are working together to ensure that you receive the highest standards of treatment. Our fertility professionals, who are leaders in the discipline of reproductive endocrinology are here to address any concern you might have about fertility treatments.

Meet Our Team

Outstanding Success Rates

In compliance with International Best Practice, Olive Branch Clinic provides every patient with world class treatment and support.

Olive Branch Clinic has consistently delivered some of the most successful rates in Nigeria with our innovative treatment options lead by highly skilled fertility doctors and embryologists to get you the best result possible.

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Egg quality generally declines with advancing female age but it can occur at any age. Ovarian reserve is a measure of "egg quality" and is evaluated during the infertility workup (day 2 or 3 fsh or serum amh).

Diminishing ovarian reserve coes with age and sadly depletion comes with time.

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...Most likely, your cause is due to endometriosis, ovulatory disorders, fallopian tube damage, cervical factor or even age. Sometimes, infertility is a result of unexplained factors. It is important to know and understand your fertilization cycle and its implications on conception, so that you feel secure and at ease at the time of treatment.

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A defect or a problem in the fertilization stages in your reproductive system could spell out a root cause of infertility. In majority of the cases you would be diagnosed as infertile because of a defect in production of the sperm, obstruction of the transport of the sperm or in the quality of the sperm. Each of these encompasses various causes that you need to know. Knowing about them is a step towards treating infertility.

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